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tyDi (Part 1)

Once tyDi was announced to play at RISE After-Hours, there was no doubt an interview had to happen. Aside from his current ranking at #48 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ poll, the Australian DJ/producer has been voted Australia’s #1 DJ two years straight and has been presented the International Dance Music Awards’ “Best Break-Through DJ” award by Tiësto. He also just signed with Universal. Catching tyDi behind the booth before his 2:30 a.m. set time, we got to pick the his brain for a few minutes until he took on the decks for a room packed wall-to-wall with trance fans.

How did you get started?image
►I was a music geek when I was in school. When I was 15, 16, I was in a band playing drums. Then I heard electronic music for the first time and fell in love with it. I couldn’t believe you could make those kinds of sounds form a computer. I developed this passion for it. Some people were into surfing and skating, but for me, it was electronic music. I had to do it.

When did you realize music wan’t going to be just a hobby?
I never had any other idea of what I was going to do. I always knew I had to make it. I had this very naive passion that kind of said there is no way I will do anything else besides play dance music around the world. I wouldn’t say no to myself, and I think it was that naivety that led me to being able to do it.

If you could play a show with any artist, who would it be?
I would love to play a show with vocals from Hayley Williams because I’m a huge fan of Paramore and I really grew up on bands. To play a live show with someone like her would be incredible.

What are your three favorite tracks to play right now?

  • Ørjan Nilsen – Filthy Fandango
  • tyDi feat. Kerli – Glow In The Dark
  • Heatbeat – Chinpokomon “This is a track I have been saying is my favorite track in interviews for the last two years. It’s a really cool, techy track and I can’t stop playing it. It’s so simple – it’s this seven-minute track of just repetition with the same synths, hi-hats and percussion – it just builds and drops, builds and drops. It works in a really cool way to break up my DJ sets when I play lots of vocals, melodies and different things that are so complex.”

Did you first DJ or produce?
Both at the same time – when I first heard electronic music, I looked into how to make and play it.

What’s the best advice you can offer from personal experience?
Be determined and motivated. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen because you’re the only one who can do it. If you do make it, know how much work it is; you don’t just sit back in a private jet and live it up. Once you make it, you need to work harder than you ever have before.

What is your favorite type of event to play?
I love the big parties. I’ve played to 45,000 people at Sensation, 25,000 people in Amsterdam, 20,000 people in Korea.

How would you spend a whole week off?
I’d go to a beach resort with my best friends who I don’t get to spend much time with.

Do you actually manage all your social media accounts?
Yes, I’m very strict with controlling them on my own. There was a time when everything was only me with no manager or PR person, and fans can now still connect with everything coming from me.