Subtronics talks album, work ethic in relentless beats mini-doc

Just ahead of Subtronics‘ first headlining arena tour last month, the Relentless Beats team sat down with the artist to produce a mini-doc covering his history, collabs, the release of Fractals, and his journey to this day. Read for some highlights below, and find the entire doc (a quick six-minute watch) at the end.

Subtronics on how he spends his time
“I would say 90% of the time I’m working on music in some regard — either making a new song, fixing a new song, fixing an old song, changing my playlists which could be changing transitions, finding new doubles, tweaking stuff, etc.” 

On the tour’s artwork
“The artwork for the whole [Fractals] tour is very album-centric and it feels like the tour we’re going on to celebrate/distribute/promote this album. I’ve had so many influences from so many different things…”


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On collabs and evolving as an artist
“I need to evolve if I’m going to continue to grow as an artist. How can I continue to develop my sound in an authentic and genuine way? And what kind of triggered it was working with Slander and writing this anthemic chord progression and then thinking back on all the other times I’ve written a chord progression that has given me chills, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, every time I’ve made a song that was big and anthemic and musical it was a collab with someone.’  I feel like a lot of the time I’m not known as someone who really does that and those are some of my favorite bodies of work I’ve done and I want to demonstrate that’s one of my favorite things to do, and I can stand on my own and make one of those songs without it being a collab with someone who is also known for that.”

Why he hadn’t done an album before Fractals
“The reason I’ve never done an album before is I never had the platform I felt I needed to push it from, the resources to put the artistic vision together from a visual side of things, to get the team together to make everything happen. I wasn’t proficient enough music-wise until recently. I want to put on display everything I know how to do. There was definitely an era of ‘I wanna prove I’m not just abrasive white noise’ and I can have range and can do all this stuff.”

In sum…
“It’s beyond surreal. This whole time I’ve been having flashbacks to the dive bars I’ve played, the empty nightclubs I’ve played, the opening slots to empty rooms I’ve played, and I don’t understand.”