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Leave it to guys like Seeb to expose Top 40 listeners to dance music with remix work like theirs. (Posner’s Ibiza, anyone?!) Based in Oslo, Norway, the trio has been working on music for other artists… up until recently, that is. After releasing their first remixes in the spring of 2015, they’ve topped charts and are now beginning to focus on their own original productions.

We caught up with Niklas before his DJ set at Ascend Nightclub, and it wasn’t until after the interview he mentioned being nervous because he’s only been speaking English for one year! But he sounded like a pro.

You guys were producing for other artists before completely focusing on your own work together.
Back in the day, [Espen and Simen] were producing in Norway and made many big hits. Then we started working together a little over a year ago. We came from different backgrounds and mixed together and we work well in the studio.

What’s your background?
I have more of a DJ background. Espen and Simen are more from the producer background. Maybe I’m a little bit more into uptempo dance music, but every time we’re together in studio, we almost always have the same opinions. We understand each other; we’re on the same page.

You started doing your own remixes about a couple years ago, which isn’t too long ago.
The first big one was “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and that really took off. We were actually in Miami two days ago and won an award for remix of the year.

Wow, that’s a big deal.
Yeah. I was in the room with Martin Garrix, Marshmello, and Alesso. It was like all the people I’ve looked up to from back in the day. So that was the first remix, and we’re trying to focus on making our own tracks from the beginning and releasing new singles.

After all that work for others and then remixing other artists’ tracks, how do you piece everything together to create your own sound?
I think we hit our own sound on the first remix. After that, people can hear a Seeb track and know it’s a Seeb track because they recognize the sounds and the drops.

The Mike Posner track is very Top 40 and you guys took it and made it more dancey. Do you think work like this takes people from the Top 40 world and exposes them to the dance world?
I hope so. Especially that track with like one billion streams. I don’t know how many, but it has to bring some people over.

You did a big Coldplay remix, too.
Yes. If you asked people five years ago which artist they’d want to remix, they’d probably all say Coldplay because of the vocals and Chris Martin’s voice is so amazing. It’s really cool to take that music and bring it uptempo.

Are remixes totally off your plate for a minute while you work on originals?
Our focus is to focus on our own music and release singles, but it’s not so easy to get away from the remixes when big names are asking. So they’re not our focus but they’ll keep coming.

What’s next for you guys?
Simen was talking last time about the Coldplay mix when the deal wasn’t done [laughs]. I can say we’ve been in LA working in the studio for like two weeks with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic and some others.