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Sander van Doorn (Part 2)

As he continues his North America tour, Dutch DJ/producer Sander van Doorn sat down with us before heading into his Boston show. Since we last talked in 2015, Sander not only released a number of tracks and made regular appearances at world-renowned clubs and festivals, but also debuted his Purple Haze moniker. Read on to hear about his latest rework of electronic music pioneer Praga Khan, the return of touring, and switching gears with his Identity radio show.

Breakfast In Vegas is being released tomorrow. Why did you choose to rework that track?
■ It’s an original song by Praga Khan and it was one of the early techno songs I really fell in love with. I came across the record a couple of years ago and I was like, ‘You know what, you can really translate this into the sound of today,’ so I started messing with the sample and building a little around it to make it a little more techy. It’s got a housey touch to it and it really worked out — I played it at a lot of my shows and people were going crazy.

What are you using in the studio?
■ I still use the Culture Vulture and also the Tube-Tech; I still love those two devices. I use a lot of stereo distortion with the Culture Vulture. Besides that, I’m working a lot in digital with Logic Pro X, Massive X, and Serum.

This is your North America tour — you haven’t been here in about two years. How was the first date?
■ The first date was Portland [OR]. It was a Purple Haze show and it was my first time ever playing in Portland. It was amazing — an amazing crowd and a perfect start to the tour.

That’s great. Here’s a two-part question. For each Purple Haze and Sander van Doorn, describe each sound with three words.
■ Purple Haze: dark, moody, storytelling. Sander van Doorn: a little more uplifting, mixed, roots.

So is this also your first tour back since everything reopened?
■ Yes, I was switching agents during Covid and at one point we decided to wait to do a big tour instead of doing loose shows.

How did you feel when it was confirmed your first tour back was finally 100% happening?
■ It was nerve-wracking in regard to Covid rules. When we finalized the tour, that was around the time Omicron popped up so everybody was afraid of what was going to happen. We went to do the tour and had only two shows in Canada canceled because of the rules.

What’s your favorite part about touring?
■ Right now it’s being based in LA on Venice Beach. I’ve got the whole family there and my nephew was there for three weeks so it’s been a lot of fun.

Have you all had time to do things there?
■ Yeah, a lot of family stuff; we went to the Santa Monica Pier and Universal Studios, and Disneyland next week. Besides that, I’m seeing a lot of friends and went to the beach a lot.

Sounds like the perfect place to be at this time.
■ Absolutely, and better weather than Holland.

There’s been a lot of buzz online since the fall about you switching gears with your Identity radio show. Can you tell me what you’re working on for it right now?
■ Yeah, I decided instead of doing a weekly show, I wanted to focus more on the production side of things and also tours like I’m doing right now so I wanted to bring back Identity to specials. Every special needs to have great content and also not be restricted to just one hour. We’re going to do a recap of the tour — it’s going to be a two-hour set, and also I think I’m going to record live at Ultra.

What’s coming up that you’re really excited about?
■ Definitely Breakfast In Vegas. Also, a South America tour that I’m really happy about and a lot of festivals.

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