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Another first for us this year was Trance Unity Rave in Montreal. The sixth edition, held at at Circus Afterhours, had much more to it than a stacked lineup. Prior to the event I wrote about why to attend this year, and all those things proved to be even more true, as you’ll see in the below recap.


I was seriously blown away by everything. The venue was a perfect setup, music was incredible, Ramy, Francis, and the entire crew was so nice, and everything was very well executed. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d last 13 hours, as I haven’t done that in quite some time, but the time flew by! It was a dream to see not one, but two 4 Strings sets… to say I was overjoyed is an understatement.

The party was very full but not overcrowded to the point where there was no room to move — it’s super important to feel comfortable on the dance floor. I also liked the VIP sections behind the DJ booths, and alternated between those and the main floor areas.

There’s also definitely something distinct about a party where nobody is allowed to take photos and videos. Everyone was so present, and I loved that. The people I encountered were so genuine, nobody made be feel uncomfortable, and of course there wasn’t one moment of music I didn’t enjoy.

10/10 will recommend and return.


Before arriving, I was able to interview Ramy Bargz about the beginning of Trance Unity and his background with events, how lineups are determined, the attendee experience, and his advice for aspiring event promoters and producers. Ramy and his colleague Francis arranged artist interviews for me as well, including Mark SherryGiuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, and Ferry Tayle. I really loved what Mark had to say about the event:

“Trance Unity has been going for six years now and it’s like the club version of Luminosity, except in Montreal. It’s got the same family vibe Luminosity has but it’s in a nightclub. You’ve got lots of people traveling from all over the world to come to Trance Unity and you get to see all your favorite DJs and it’s a really broad spectrum of styles of DJs. I just stood and watched JOOF (John 00 Fleming) for the last hour and what he’s doing is incredible. Normally I watch Ferry [Corsten] but I’ve seen him a million times and tonight, because I’m playing after JOOF, I want to see what he’s playing. I’ve never seen him properly DJ before; if anything, he’s been on early or I’ve been on late, so it’s good to catch up tonight. The lineups are always amazing in Montreal, especially Trance Unity. You’re guaranteed to see all your favorites in one night and I’ve said it a million times in interviews that Circus is one of the best clubs in the world — not just the production and the club itself, but the people who come here are so amazing. They go nuts and they just want to dance the whole night. I played here a few months ago and I played a 10-hour open-to-close set and people stayed until the end. It’s an amazing club.”

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