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Pascal Lefebvre (Igloofest)

It’s always cool to hear from the people behind our favorite events, and we were lucky to grab Igloofest President & Co-founder Pascal Lefebvre for a quick chat about how things work.

What’s challenging about this type of festival?
►After 10 years, it’s incredible to organize this kind of event in the winter, outside. It was a huge challenge for us because it’s a huge difference between Piknic [Electronik], which is during the summer, so the product is very completely different. During Piknic, we set up in six hours and we take three weeks to set up Igloofest in January. It’s really another story; it’s a big challenge to work during the winter. The biggest challenge we have is to get people to go outside, to have fun, to play with the winter. We have to live with the winter here and that’s why we decided to do this.

Have you had big issues with the weather in past years?
►For us, a rain storm is a disaster. It’s freezing and very dangerous for the audience. We’re obligated to cancel the event in that case, but it has never happened. With the snow, it’s  magical.

How do you communicate with all of your teams between weekends?
►It’s complete teamwork. After each event, we have a meeting with all of the production team to finalize or solution up different problems that came up during the event. I’m at each event with the founders and it’s important for us to feel the event and the vibe and find solutions for problems.

That’s really cool you guys are out there on the grounds during the event.
►It’s like family. 30 people work for us permanently. It’s really important to be there and share the experience with the people we work to and for, and the partners and other staff. It’s like a huge reunion or a special moment you can share with friends and employees.

And speaking of feeling the event and solving problems, we heard about this year’s dance floor expansion.
►The experience for us is very important. We’re not a small two or three day festival; we’re there for a month and it’s really important to fix each problem we have because with the social networks, especially when something goes wrong, people destroy on social networks. We improve on the setup day after day.

Once the last weekend ends, when do you start planning next year?
►We take a few weeks vacation first thing, then just after that we start working for the next year and we do Piknic. It’s like a wheel. Igloofest, Piknic, Iglofoest, Piknic. We also have other Piknics around the world right now in Barcelona, Honduras, and Melbourne.

Is your core team on both Montreal festivals?
►Yes, the same people. That’s why we have 30 people working for us permanently.