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Oliver Twizt

Hailing from Holland, Oliver Twizt had a tour stop in Boston with Sandro Silva. After a quick chat, we found out which track he wants to put a twist on, which artists he wants to collab with (they’re not EDM artists!), and the style he’s trying to introduce to the US.

At what point did you realize this would be your career?
I was working on my master’s degree in industrial design and realized I was spending more time on my laptop making music than doing other things. It’s always hard to tell your parents you need to drop out of school, you know? That was almost five years ago, then I signed my first remix to Spinnin’ Records.


imageWhat has been your largest challenge and how did you overcome it?
Music-wise, when I started touring, I got a call from Laidback Luke‘s manager. When I played with Luke for the first time in America, that was one of the toughest things to do, to close for Luke. That was one of my toughest gigs. It was pretty nerve-wracking. I learned a lot from him; I studied with him, I guess you could say.

Which artists are you dying to work on a track with?
I’d love to do a crossover with hip-hop… Kendrick Lamar or Pharrell.

What’s appealing to you about blending genres?
To be honest, when I go out, I love EDM but I can’t stand three hours of EDM with the same BPM and the same drop. In Holland, it’s really popular to play multi-genrre, going from 80 BPM to 180 BPM. I’m trying really slowly to introduce that to the States.

How did you first get involved with Angger Dimas?
I met Angger Dimas four or five years ago when I played in Indonesia. We went out and became really good friends, then we started working online.

With him being from Indonesia, how did that work?
For example, with “XXX,” I did the drop and he did part of the breaks. We went back and forth sending stems.

Where do you think EDM is going in the US?
That’s a really tough question. It blew up from nothing to enormous. I don’t hope it goes away that fast because you guys are always into new stuff. If it fades, a fusion of things will fill the space.

How did you first get hooked up with Mixmash?
I had been signed to Spinnin’ for a couple of years. When I got out of the deal, I sent a couple of tracks to Mixmash and they signed one, then we started working.

Are there any tracks, recent or old, you want to put your own twist on?
For a new track, I’d choose Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself To Dance” and make it more dance-y.