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Kap Slap

Known for his viral mashups, remixes, and edits, Kap Slap is super humble and knows how to work a room. After catching up with his fans aside the booth at at The Grand Boston last night, he made his way over for a quick chat before his set. Check it out to find out where he gets the best super quesadilla, his upcoming projects, and to-do list of things.

People in the elevator were just talking about you being from here, Boston…
Lexington High, yeah yeah.

Any friends from home here tonight?
There are some buddies out there, so it should be a good time. It’s tough to keep up with a lot of them. I had some dinner earlier with one of my buddies I grew up with in elementary school; it’s so great to catch up.

What’s one of your favorite things here?
Anna’s Taqueria in Cambridge, Porter Square. The best super quesadillas in the entire world. It’s phenomenal. People from Boston will know.

Yup, had ‘em.
Oh yeah, it’s the best. Every free block after high school, we’d have double frees and we’d take cars and all race down there.

We see you’re drinking VOSS water.
I am.

Don’t you have some sort of promo happening with them?
After a show in San Diego, they tagged me in something then I hit them up on Instagram and got a little sponsorship. I think this here was completely separate, the venue might have even had this. A cool coincidence.



For sure. We also saw things just got a little strange in the studio…
A little Stranger Things, that was a lot of fun. My manager was like, “Yo we should do something with Stranger Things,” and I was like, “Yeah, alright I’ll give it a shot,” and started putting things together and it turned out pretty cool.



Was this before or after you watched the show?
Oh no, I watched the show. I love the show, it’s amazing.

Do you have anything else pop culture-y or TV-related coming up?
I’m constantly on the hunt for that kind of stuff. I’m currently putting together a workout mix, specifically the high energy, get-the-blood-pumping, don’t stop, keep grinding kind of thing. I’m going to be doing those kinds of mixes and I’ve got a little collaboration or two I’m working on.

We’ll keep an eye out. So you’re at Shrine tomorrow night, not too far. What’s up next?
Jefferson Theater in Virginia. That is a blast every time I’m there. A really cool, energetic college crowd.

That’s a fun crowd.
They put their heart and soul into dancing and the energy is amazing.



You’re like 28, yeah?
Yeah, an old man [laughs].

Were you into this stuff when you were here, in high school, growing up?
Not at all. I was into jazz, progressive rock, and classical music. Then things like Beck and Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, all over the board but not even close to dance music. I found about that more in college. I was in a frat and whenever we’d have these parties, guys would put on this dance music and after these minute-long builds, girls would change the song to a pop song. I was just like, “We can do better than this,” so I just started making pop format songs with vocals over the dance music stuff and here I am.

Is there anything else you’ve wanted to work on?
I really want to bring up an Instagram influencer. Someone who really wants to be somebody, has a lot of raw talent, but not a lot of technical know-how to make the tracks. I want to be kinda behind the scenes. That’s on my to-do list of things.