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Longtime trance DJ/producer Giuseppe Ottaviani has now refined the typical performance even more with his Live 3.0 series. After debuting it in January at A State of Trance 950 in Utrecht, it’s still very new, leaving those not in attendance eager to know more. I had about five minutes to get some answers before his set at Trance Unity in Montreal — read on for the deal.

You recently launched your new Live 3.0 show. Tell me about it.
■ It’s a new set on my live performance which has been going on since 2001. The main difference between this new one and the previous one is that with the previous one, I was able to create new music on the fly on stage, so creating new ideas and new melodies, and I actually turned all this into an album called Evolver. Once you release an album like that, you don’t wanna repeat yourself. You want to step on and do something different.

Now that I was confident with my setup, I said, “Okay, new thing, more stress,” and everything. So, I built this new setup which is bigger and it’s a bit more stressful and complicated for me but it’s great because the thing is, I can’t really bring this everywhere so I’m going to separate the live show and the DJ sets. With the DJ sets I can follow the crowd and play my music but in a bit more of a freedom. When it comes to the live thing, that’s being built for the big stages and festivals, so it’s a longshot 60- or 90-minute show that you actually prepare and make sure you deliver the best show possible. I have new keyboards, some drums, and more live things. The main reason I was looking for the new setup is because I always play my keyboard when I’m on stage but people can’t see it because it’s on the desk level. I’ve raised the keyboards up so people can see what I’m doing and hear it and it looks cooler. Of course I have my camera around them, but if they can see it right there, it’s a little better.

How do you transport everything?
I take it on the plane. I have to check it, which is also why I tend to fly a day earlier just in case something happens and you have an extra day to get your luggage.

Is this you biggest project for 2020?
That’s the main thing. I’m not planning a new album for now, as I just need some freedom to make new tracks and put them out straight. For 2020, the Live 3.0 series is going to be the big thing and then I’m going to release a lot of singles and remixes on the fly.