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Co-owning FSOE Fables and spreading magic through his sets and productions, French DJ/producer Ferry Tayle is one to watch, especially as he develops a new live set. We linked up for a few minutes before his closing set at Trance Unity in Montreal to talk about his vision for Fables festival stages and his live project.

You were just at UnKonscious Festival in Thailand as well and had a Fables stage. How does the programming work when you do a stage like that? Do you make all the decisions?
Yes, I own Fables with Dan [Stone]. Dan is more of the music side of the label — signing new tracks and finding new artists to sign. I’m more about the radio show and taking care of the music we make together. My vision when I received the request to do a Fables stage at UnKonscious was to push the artists who signed with us. Most of them are not known, so I think it’s a great and unique experience for these kinds of artists who don’t have the opportunity to play big festivals because UnKonscious is the biggest trance festival in Asia. I’m very proud of all the artists who played there because I know some of them very personally. Sometimes it’s even a premiere for me; I just stand there in the crowd and listen to them and they all played awesome sets. That’s my vision for making Fables stages — having  our own artists mainly and pushing people you’d never expect to hear and they do a really great job.

I love that. You’re also working on a live set for yourself. How’s that progressing?
It takes time. It’s taking more time than I expected. I’ve made music outside with some of my friends for 20 years now. I did live when I released my album six years ago… that’s a long time. Six years ago I did live with all of them and it was pretty cool, but we needed a band. I dreamed about doing live since I was a kid. Technically it’s really hard to travel all around the world with all your gear. That’s good when you’ve been doing it very long, but when you’re in the middle or at the beginning of your career and it’s still  progressing, it’s hard to convince a promoter to give you like $10,000 to fly all your gear around with you. I’ve been a big fan of Giuseppe [Ottaviani] since a long time ago, and when he did Pure NRG with Solarstone, and then I was blown away by his new vision of the live. I realized I don’t need a lot of gear on stage to play live as much as possible so I decided after seeing a couple of times that maybe it’s my turn as well. I’ve been in the business for 15 years now. I know it sounds a bit weird, but back then I used to be stressed when I went on stage. For 8,000 people or a small crowd, it was the same stress and anxiety before going on stage. I don’t have the stress anymore so it’s not challenging me. It’s challenging me to keep the crowd and to entertain the crowd — that’s a challenge — but I’m not anxious when I go on stage, and I realized this last year when I played Tomorrowland, the biggest festival in the world, and I was not stressed at all. There needs to be something to stress me so I can be focused and this is why I decided to go live.

Live will certainly bring on some stress.
■ Doing live is really complicated. My job is to take everything I’m doing in the studio live. It’s more work than I imagined, but I’m progressing and hoping by the end of the year I can do my first one.