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Eva Simons

A little after 7pm at ID Fest Mansfield, Eva Simons‘ tour manager, Jay, led us to a tiny dressing room behind the iHome Stage.

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I want you to take over control.

Your favorite moment?
Seeing people go mental to my music.

What’s the best part about the industry?
Traveling and always having new energy. The crowds at festivals are always interested in hearing new stuff and seeing you there.

What initially peaked your interest in music?
I was classically trained on piano and my parents were musicians. I’ve done everything possible in the music industry, and I love the energy of house music.

Can you remember the turning point that made you realize, “this is it?”
I can’t remember not making any music; I did commercials as a kid and started making money when I finished conservatory.

What are you working on aside from the ID tour?
The release of my single “I Don’t Like You” one month ago went well. I also have a new single coming out soon; getting Top40 would be nice, but it’s all about making great music.

What track are you loving right now?
Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum.

One piece of advice you can offer to an aspiring artist is…
Be yourself. Stop searching to find yourself. Even when I’m writing a song, I ask myself, “Do I feel these lyrics?”