Carnage has recently announced North America’s first ever drive-in festival of the COVID era, ​The Road Rave​. Partnering with Disco Donnie, the Orlando festival is sold out and scheduled for June 6th. Following that announcement, he linked up with Relentless Beats for a second installment in Phoenix  on May 29th and 30th (the latter sold out as well). I caught up with Carnage as he prepares for this series of events to ask a few questions about the drive-in idea, his performance, and how he’s keeping busy during this time.

Orlando is the first-ever North American festival in Corona history. From what I saw, this sold pretty quickly. Do you know how long it took to sell out?

■ I’m not sure on the exact time but it was fast… within a weekend for sure. The response from fans was overwhelming; I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Can you name some of the most frequently asked questions from fans and how they’re being responded to?
■ We are obviously getting questions about safety and logistics a lot. My team is working with the venues and promoters to put together the safest and best show we can for everyone — if anyone has any questions or concerns, they can reach out to Relentless Beats or Disco Donnie.


What experience do you, personally, want to deliver to everyone in attendance?
■ I want everyone to leave The Road Rave with that feeling in their stomach that they just witnessed history. We are going big with this one to provide the fans with an experience they can never forget.

What’s the coolest thing about a drive-in rave? Is there one particular thing that automatically drew you to the idea of being involved with this?
■ I think what drew me to the idea was I knew every major artist and promoter was going to try and throw a drive-in show, but I wanted to go bigger and make it a drive-in festival. Everyone I know misses the energy of a crowd, but even more is a festival. Being able to throw a legendary show for the fans, and make history, was a no-brainer to me.

What can we expect from your performance?
■ We’re building a massive stage set up with full special effects and all. I’ll be bringing the same wild energy I always do and ensure I play a little bit of everything so we can cherish every second of The Road Rave.

How are you staying connected with fans during this time?
■ I’ve been doing a ton on IG live. For example, I started a new game show, “The Wheel of Carnage,” that I do every Thursday or sometimes I will just hop on to say what’s up to the world.

What are some other things you’ve currently been working on?
■ Music. End of story, all artists should be working on music right now, not doing whatever else they have been. I’m making some amazing stuff and I’m pumped to share it with everyone soon! In fact, at the end of my documentary,” The Price of Greatness,” I announced that Papi Gordo II (my album) is coming soon.


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Why were Orlando and Phoenix selected to begin with?
■ I have mad love for Orlando. I brought RARE to Orlando in 2016 and that was wild; we ended up doing three RARE shows there from 2016 to 2018. The shows were some of my favorites because all the homies — like Marshmello and Travis Scott — were on the lineup before they blew up. I’ve gotten tweets for years asking me to do something big in Orlando and this was the perfect opportunity to do it right. As soon as we announced Orlando, the guys from Relentless Beats in Arizona hit me up and were like, ‘Yo, we gotta do this out here.” I love working with them and we set things up in literally 24 hours and got the first West Coast EDM festival in the COVID-19 times announced and on sale. They have both already sold out and we just announced a second day in Arizona, but we’re gonna switch it up with something dope [on Friday] though. You know, for the culture.