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From making music and touring the world, to running a label, producing a podcast, and updating his foodgram, Will Clarke has a lot going on. We caught up with Will after his set at the Movement festival in Detroit — read on to learn more about his tour life, podcast, and of course: food recommendations.

You just got off stage and you’re on a bit of a tour right now. Do you ever have time off to work on music?
■ It’s pretty amazing and I’m super lucky to be doing this. I’ve got two weeks off in June for like 10 days or a weekend off in between to write music for a project I’m working on at the moment. I don’t really like taking holiday; if I’m taking time off, I feel lazy so I like to keep going.

But if you did have to take a holiday tomorrow where would you go?
■ That’s a really tough question because I don’t necessarily want to get on a plane because we fly so often, but if I could just teleport somewhere… Japan. It’s amazing there. The scene is different; house and techno aren’t as big over there, but I don’t care because the people are amazing, the food is amazing, the fashion’s amazing, their country is amazing. The culture and everything about it. I’ve only been to Tokyo and Osaka and I fell in love.

Has touring always been this consistent for you?
■ It grows as my career gets bigger. It hasn’t always been so worldwide — it’s been more American-based and now it’s slowly more and more Europe and other places like South America. I don’t think I’d have wanted it to have gone crazy from the get-go. I have a couple of friends who had one hit record and they blew up and toured, but for me, building the foundation is super important and I can enjoy it a little bit more.

Do you ever have time to hang out somewhere when you’re touring?
■ It’s usually fly in/fly out. I take a couple of days if I go to New York or LA — I have a lot of friends [in LA] and my manager lives there. Otherwise, not really as we don’t realistically have the chance. I have a ton going on and time is really precious

Let’s talk about your podcast — you just had Kevin Saunderson on. When did you start this show and what inspired it?
■ I used to have a radio show years ago that ended 2019 when the pandemic hit, and in the radio show, I used to do an interview series where I’d get someone on the phone and we’d talk about life and music. That was my favorite part of the show, so I was like, “Why don’t I do a podcast?” I didn’t make time for it but I had loads of time during the pandemic so I did in March 2020 and just recorded the 113th episode. I love having conversations with people, it’s special. We’re at a point with it where [the podcast] is getting bigger as it goes on and it’s amazing to see a conversation between two people. All the big DJs have big followings but I feel like we’re not celebrities where everyone wants to know who you are and everything about you so it’s amazing this many people listen.

Are the artists you have on always people you’ve met before?
■ Sometimes. The first year and a half was strictly my mates and it was also me testing everything out. And now there’s only a certain amount of people I know, so now we’re starting to reach out to people I’ve never met, like Kevin. I met him once before — obviously I know who he is but we hadn’t really ad a conversation — we met at a stage when he was playing before me and we said hi and bye.

Is that how it always is?
■ Pretty much. It’s only festivals like Movement where artists hang out. I love it.

You live between the UK and Detroit? Why Detroit?
■ When I’m touring in the States I’m here and when I’m touring in Europe or anywhere else I’m in the UK. I kind of stumbled upon [Detroit].  I was living in New York before — I love New York; it’s my favorite city in America and maybe in the world. It will be five years here in August.

How is the music scene in Detroit compared to New York?
■ It’s different and you can’t compare it. Detroit has amazing history and a long way to grow and I’m really happy with how it’s going.

Unrelated for a second… you have a foodgram.
■ I love food. About three years ago, I would always post food on my Instagram and my feed would be full of food so I started a separate account. During lockdown, I recorded a cooking show as well and I’m waiting to put that out — I love cooking.

Where do you like to eat in Detroit?
ima is great for ramen. Mabel Gray is a really nice higher-end, classic American restaurant. I’m going to this place next week called Freya — I’ve never been but it’s a tasting menu they say takes like three hours for the whole meal so I’m super excited about that. You’ve got the classic Coney spots. There’s a place called Thang Long which is my favorite Thai and Vietnamese place. There’s a lot of good stuff here.

Lastly — whats’ coming up besides the tour?
■ I have a remix of Camea coming out on Kompakt, a remix for Nicole Moudaber coming out on MOOD, a release coming up on my label, All We Have Is Now, and then we’re done for the year.


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