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The last of our Movement 2016 interviews was with Wheez-ie, who we quickly discovered spent a minute in our hometown studying at Berklee. Who knew?

We’re based in Boston and saw you were actually there a few weeks ago.
Yeah. And I lived there for a while; I went to Berklee. I lived there from 2009 into 2012, graduated, and now I live here in Detroit.


What did you go for?
►Electronic production and design.



What brought you over to Detroit?
I met a girl, the normal moving across the country thing.


Hope that’s still going well.
It is, she’s walking the dog today and stuff.


So you were at The Middle East Upstairs in Boston, right?
Yeah, When I lived there, I didn’t even know that existed until I got booked there a few weeks ago. I knew about downstairs and the corner room.



Were you booked by people you knew from the city?
Yes, Damian Silva from Bassic. They were the first people to really book me in Boston and they usually have me out like once a year.


What have you been up to in Detroit? You just had a release on Skrillex’s label, right?
Yes. I was doing mastering for a friend of theirs and they hit me up for music and I sent a big folder of stuff and they chose the harder shit and it went really well. You view those guys as big EDM guys and I don’t really identify with that as much, so I was really happy with how they handled it. There was no ‘We think you should do this, we think you should change this to match our thing.’ It was great working with them. They were really awesome.


What do you have coming up?
Right now I’m finishing up another EP and I’ve been working on an album forever. This summer is like finish everything summer. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have anything super scheduled and that’s okay. I’ve been concentrating on playing gigs more and working at home to finish things. It’s easy to finish things but hard to finish things.


Do you run your label yourself?
Yes, and it’s a pain. It’s a lot of hitting people up and talking to them and putting things together. Artists tend to want to do other things then necessarily send emails and do phone calls. The label is a lot of work but I work on that stuff every day.


What do you look for when you scout artists?
Would I play your music? Do I believe in the music and what the artist represents themselves? I want you to be a cool person; I don’t wanna deal with someone who is an asshole. Most of the time I’m picking from my friends’ stuff. I’m really picky, too. We’ve only put out two  things and we’ve been around two years. We’re gonna start a singles series where it’s not a big deal to put out a big thing with artwork and everything. I really wanna make sure it’s something I would DJ. I just wanna put out things I’m willing to support.


What advice do you have for artists submitting to labels?
Being true to who you are  what you wanna make is the way to go. I’ve dabbled with wanting to be an EDM guy, but after making those tracks, it isn’t something I feel comfortable with as a producer. If you’re really into something, just do what you like and don’t worry about what anyone else says.