Stimming launches Instant Mastering Chain

Hamburg-based music producer [Martin] Stimming has launched his first piece of music gear, The Instant Mastering Chain.

Are you a producer looking for one box that simplifies a live set, or do you perform a hardware-only live act and need something to thicken the main out? If the answer is yes, this piece of gear could be the answer. As an artist known for improving sounds during live his sets, Stimming created the device in partnership with DOCtron to revolutionize the live set experience.

“When I decided to not have a computer on stage, I immediately faced the problem of mastering my signal on stage in real-time. Four years and a couple of different approaches and prototypes later, I solved this problem!”

The Instant Mastering Chain is a fully analog audio processor chain in a carbon portable package and weighs only 1kg. Although the device was designed with hardware-only live sets in mind, it also works in-studio.

“It fits in our carry-on luggage and makes the signal loud enough to compete against the DJ,” explains the producer, “add some creamy lows and highs, compress it to your taste but leave the fast attacks intact, add a splash of tube-warmth and then squeeze it into the transformers! Your music suddenly comes two steps closer!”