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We experienced UnKonscious — Asia’s biggest trance festival on the beach — for the first time this year and it did not disappoint. On Thailand’s Phuket island, it’s an incredible experience for trance lovers worldwide. View our recap below including highlights, interviews, photo galleries, and the live stream.


2020 was only the third year of the festival, which was a bit hard to believe given the diversity in attendance. There were people from all over the world, flags representing groups’ origins and a cool interactive map to show. Also, as DJ Orkidea said in his interview:

I noticed yesterday at the pre-party that every single person or group of people I met was coming from a different place. I met people from Tokyo, South Korea, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands, Australia, US, and Canada. There are quite a few Finnish people here which is nice.

With everything going on, it was difficult to stop and update live on social media. However, we got a few clips to show while on-site. You can view our full Instagram story highlight here; a few snaps below: 


We had the pleasure of chatting with UnKonscious Founder Srangkun Sirisinha — also known as Lon or Lonskii — before the festival. In addition, meeting up with Orkidea on-site was a treat! Click the images below to read their interviews:

Photo Gallery

Live Inside shot photos at both the pre-party and festival itself; click below for full galleries. (You can also view the festival’s photo galleries here.)

Live Video

It was great how the festival did so much live streaming throughout the weekend for those wanting to watch from home (or trying to relive the experience later on). Many friends at home in the US were watching and sharing to their feeds as the event was happening! Here’s one of the VII crew on the first night — keep following the festival (links at end of recap) for other live content and the final 2020 aftermovie.


Our next festival after UnKonscious was Trance Unity a few weeks later in Montreal, Canada. While there, we caught up with a few artists who were also at UnKonscious — specifically Sean Tyas and Ferry Tayle — who talked about the programming of their respective stages. Excerpts below:

How was the VII stage programming at UnKonscious coordinated?
■ Sean Tyas: “Orkidea is our designated progressive guy, so he’s always opening up and opening up for the longest time. He is an amazing progressive DJ and he can build something up for three, four hours no problem. Every single other person on the roster is playing banging, so it just makes sense. We kind of shift things around, it’s always a little different, but no so different because we all play hard.”

You were just at UnKonscious Festival in Thailand as well and had a Fables stage. How does the programming work when you do a stage like that? Do you make all the decisions?
■ Ferry Tayle: “Yes, I own Fables with Dan [Stone]. Dan is more of the music side of the label — signing new tracks and finding new artists to sign. I’m more about the radio show and taking care of the music we make together. My vision when I received the request to do a Fables stage at UnKonscious was to push the artists who signed with us. Most of them are not known, so I think it’s a great and unique experience for these kinds of artists who don’t have the opportunity to play big festivals because UnKonscious is the biggest trance festival in Asia. I’m very proud of all the artists who played there because I know some of them very personally. Sometimes it’s even a premiere for me; I just stand there in the crowd and listen to them and they all played awesome sets. That’s my vision for making Fables stages — having our own artists mainly and pushing people you’d never expect to hear and they do a really great job.”

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