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Kissy Sell Out

After recently becoming familiar with Kissy Sell Out‘s work, it was a treat when the UK house and garage DJ/producer was booked to play at RISE After-Hours. Listening to his SoundCloud along brings listeners on a  ride – think old school garage to throwbacks (like Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low” and The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea” melody) – leading one to expect anything and everything from a live set. Read on to find out his favorite part about touring, why he feels he’s making an impact in the States, and two wild, attention-grabbing things fans have done.

Describe your sound with three words.
Motion, speed, garage.

What’s something wild a fan has done to get your attention?
A guy had my name tattooed on his head behind his ear. Another made a mural of me on a canvas; it’s a realistic photo of me looking like Jesus. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen; it’s on the balcony in my house because I didn’t know what to do with it.

What was your first show in the US?
I think it was in New York at Webster Hall about seven years ago. I haven’t been playing in New York as much, but more LA. As far as dance music DJs go, my style is very different. Something has cracked in America and there is a lot more open-mindedness. I feel like I’m making more of an impact.

Which artists are you dying to work with on a track?
I’ve already been lucky to do a track with Human Leak and Felix da Housecat, and some of my other idols.

Are there any upcoming artists you’ve had your eye on?
There’s a band called DrDr from the UK. The house garage movement has taken over. They’re kind of like Disclosure, but a live band with a fantastic lead singer.

What’s the most popular genre back home?
The deep house garage think is completely reinvented, it’s the UK dance scene. I think things were quiet about two years ago in the UK as the electro thing ended, and the dubstep thing went crazy in places like America as it was dying in the UK. It’s about the old school as well, which suits my style because at the end of the day, I’ve always been a speed garage DJ. It’s funny that’s become the cool thing again.

We love how you’re keeping a tour bus diary. What’s your favorite part about traveling on a bus?
You meet some fantastic people when you’re traveling and you make some genuine friends you’ll remember forever. That’s the unexpected thing I’ve come to expect. You meet some really nice people on tour.

At first, we thought deep house and UK garage was a random combination. But after listing to and becoming more familiar with your work, we loved the blend and how well you do it. What set you on those genres?
I’m from southeast England which is where garage, speed garage, and drum and bass come from. A lot of music comes from England. I’m very interested in British music and I’m very prod to be a British DJ. Everything I do is an ode to the old school. It’s important for me to blend retro elements with modern music.