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Named “Detroit’s next generation of techno artists” by Paxahau, Henry Brooks is making moves. After a few years working his way into the Detroit scene, he now throws his own party, produces music, and has locked in a set at the renowned Movement festival. We met up right after he played this year’s festival (one of our favorite new artist discoveries!) — read on to get more familiar.

This was your first Movement set. You started coming to this festival in 2016 — is that what got you into this music?
Yes. I graduated high school in 2015 on the west side of Michigan and I started coming down to Detroit shortly after that. I started getting heavily involved in the music scene here in the city and after about a year, took the plunge and started DJ’ing. I was more into house before I graduated high school, but gradually got more into techno once I started coming down to Detroit and went to Movement in 2016. I didn’t start playing the style of techno that I do now until 2019.

You had a really good crowd for your set yesterday. How did that feel?
It felt great. It was surreal being up there on stage playing the music that I love in front of all of those people and watching them dance.

Photo by Jenna Pomaville


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And you have your own party? What’s your favorite thing about hosting an event?
■ I started that back in November — it’s called Anatomy and is mainly harder and faster techno. We don’t have a lot of that in Detroit year-round. [My favorite part is] curating a vibe and sound of the night; putting together the lineup and each artist. And also the atmosphere with lighting and visuals.

Are you making music as well?
■ Yes. I just released a track on a label called Heist Mode that’s based in Toronto. It’s my first official release.


Congrats, do you have other tracks? And when you play out, is it mostly your own music or a mix?
I do have some other tracks as well, all currently unreleased. My sets are a mix of mostly other tracks and some of my own.

What else are you working on?
I’m putting together an EP for a big label/brand that I can’t name yet, but if you listen to techno you’ll know who they are.

Awesome, will keep an eye out. And before we go… who are you looking forward to seeing here this weekend?
■ Paula Temple, Dax J, Kobosil.

Photo by Jenna Pomaville

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