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It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Ferry Corsten — however normally in the US, we got to see him in Thailand this time around at his show at Onyx in Bangkok. Our last conversation was earlier this year as entertainment reopened and he kicked off his “What The F” tour. This time, we talked about how touring has changed post-Covid, the current state of music, and his revamped radio show.

How does feel to be in Thailand?
Nice, last time I was here was 2019 I believe.

Probably a lot of changes in that time.
A lot of changes. Just in terms of coming out of this lull where you had all the time in the world to be with your family and be in your studio and just drift off… and now it’s back on the road, boom.

You’ve been traveling a lot in the past few months, and were just at ADE. What has changed in touring post-Covid?
In certain parts of the world, it’s all back to normal again like pre-pandemic. In other parts fo the world, it’s almost like they’re coming out of hibernation, as America was last year in October when it was possible to tour again but people were hesitant to buy tickets — and the ones who were there were hesitant to really let themselves go because it was still a little weird. The biggest difference right now, coming out of the pandemic, is where music is in general. Before the pandemic, you had these clear cut lines of EDM, trance, techno and right now I feel everything is just one big blur. It’s just the same music with a different name. Before the pandemic, something that was clearly a trance record is right now a deep house record or a melodic techno track and not a trance track anymore.

Are genres something you worry about? Maybe some people really care, but as an artist,  how do you think about that — or do you not?
I’ve never really been too big on genres. I think a good track is a good track. The melodic content in music is what makes the song and it’s just the programming and the tempo of the drums that defines the style, if you will. I’ve never really been a big fan of genres too much because I think if you’re too focused on one, you miss out.

Going along with that, your radio show has changed direction. Can you tell us about that?
■ We did 700 episodes of Corsten’s Countdown and we felt it was time to freshen it up a bit with a new name and format, which allows me now to play a much wider range of music from straight up house to straight up techno and everything between; Corsten’s Countdown was a bit more focused around the trance genre or that sound. We’re now two years down, 100 episodes further. I really enjoy it, it’s in Armin’s studio and I’m using that with video so people see it live every Wednesday; Corsten’s Countdown was audio. It’s a great step forward and I’m really excited to do it every week.

In addition, as we’re finally exiting this Covid thing, what are you excited about for 2023?
For myself there are a lot of interesting collabs, and sound-wise there is some interesting stuff coming up. The “What The F” tour I’ve been rolling out this year — where I’ve been playing open-to-close with just my music — is going further into 2023 so that’s exciting. I still feel 2022 was a transition year in many ways where some markets, like Asia, are only opening now. In Europe, the beginning of the year was still a bit iffy. I feel that 2023 is going to go back to where we want it to be.


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