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The fact Elephante (originally from MI) spends a chunk of time on our home turf for school at Harvard made it that much cooler to land a brief interview. We were able to connect about mutual knowledge of the local scene while hearing what it was like when he was here. Read on to see what he had to say.

Being from Boston ourselves, we’d love to hear more about any music involvement you had in the city during your time at Harvard. Did you play out at any of the venues here? Favorite venues to go out at night?
I interned at a recording studio called Cybersound in Back Bay for a couple years, and I also ran the campus studio. I played out at a few open mics in Boston, like at Cafe 939, but back then I was doing singer-songwriter stuff. I didn’t really produce electronic music or start DJ’ing until after I graduated. I was a big fan of the Middle East in Cambridge though – I went to a ton of shows there.

13094324_862699007192858_6873504157639780206_nWas the decision to leave your job influenced by a certain point where you knew you had the security to do so? Or did you more so just wing it, pursue music, and not look back?
It was more that I finally had reached a tipping point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I could see myself getting complacent and sort of just settling for that life, and could see my life 10 years down the line and knew it was a life I didn’t want. I sort of knew that day was coming so I had been saving up a bit, but I certainly didn’t have any real long-term security – I just knew I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t give music everything I had.

How did your parents react? Are they open-minded to your music career now?
My mom was supportive; I think she knew how unhappy I was and how much I loved music. And let’s just say I had to ease my dad into the idea… and now that it’s been a few years and I’ve never had to call them to borrow money, so I think they finally buy that it’s a career. I’ve taken them to a couple shows, and my dad especially had a blast, so I think they’re on board.
Your travel schedule seems pretty crazy right now. How do you stay sane?
Yeah, I lose track of which day it is a lot, and my body is generally pretty confused with which time zone it’s in. I try to work out on the road, and I just really appreciate the days that I get to sleep in my own bed. I get to do what I love though, and the energy from the crowds and meeting people at shows is really inspiring though, and that’s a big part of what keeps me going.

Got a favorite airline?
Yeah, whichever one upgraded me to first class most recently. So… Delta, I guess?

12031350_760232054106221_7475616628413352374_oDo you usually travel by yourself? Any crazy stories about getting lost or something like that?
I travel with my manager, Tom, to most places. He’s pretty responsible and is always on my case about being on time and waking up, so we haven’t missed any flights or anything like that. It’s usually just scrambling to get to the venue if our flight is delayed, like once in NYC we landed in a blizzard and it took us 2.5 hours to get to the show from the airport, and I went pretty much from the car to the stage.

After you land and have a little time, do you sleep or explore? Is there anything you try to do in each place?
I definitely like my naps. Honestly, we usually have so little time and are out early the next morning and we don’t get to do a ton of sightseeing. I’ll try to Yelp a cool restaurant or something nearby, but a lot of times we just order Jimmy John’s delivery to the hotel. So yeah, we’re kinda bums – and the more shows in a row we have, the bummier we get.