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Eddie Fowlkes (Part 2)

You probably saw our interview with Eddie Fowlkes last year, for which we mainly talked about Detroit. This time around, we chatted a little more about music, his thoughts on vinyl and radio sets. and his first record. Keep reading!

We loved you last year, loved you again last night. How do you prepare for a Movement set?
I look at the time slot first. Then i decide whether the crowd will be beat down or beat up.


You did some work with RBMA this week on the radio. What’s the difference between your DJ and radio sets?
With a radio set, you can’t bang people crazy because people turn away. You have to bait switch and take the tempo up then come in real fast and bring them down so they can drive or walk or whatever. Give them smooth, more groovy shit.



Do you still prefer vinyl?
To me, vinyl is the best way to go before digital because it teaches you how to focus on a record. With vinyl, you really need to practice the break, groove, and rhythm. With digital, you can sync it. Vinyl makes you a DJ and understand the tricks. The [digital] software gives you all the tricks and everyone sounds the same.


Where do you find vinyl?
Europe. There are no record stores here, no distributors anymore. You gotta pay to bring stuff over here.


What was the first record you bought?
►You really wanna know?


You sure?


My first record was a 45 Elton John – Benny and the Jets.


What advice do you have for someone aspiring to take on music?
Do your research: the origin of house music from Chicago, the origin of techno from Detroit.