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DJ Pierre

I recently caught Phuture at Movement Detroit, and being quite fond of Afro Acid, I was happy to have a few questions answered by Acid House creator DJ Pierre himself. Read on to find out the content of his live setup, what the wildpitch sound is, his new set of remixes, and what’s next. #ProTip: find links at the end to get your hands on said remixes!

Aside from the Movement set, I’ve seen a ton of Phuture videos. Can you tell me about the setup you have going on when performing as a group?
(3) Roland Tb-03’s, (2) Roland Tb-3, Roland VT-3, Roland TR-09, (2) Roland TR-8, Model1 mixer, NI Audio 10 soundcard, Ableton, Novation Launchpad Pro, Novation Circuit, Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ effects processor, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, MacBook Pro.

That’s a lot of gear. I imagine it’s a little less when performing solo?
Just my flash drives and three Pioneer CDJs.

I’ve actually seen you perform at Movement more than once. I know the crowd there consists of people from all over, but from your experience, how does it compare to the partygoers in your hometown of Chicago?
Nothing compares to Chicago! House is in the blood. Chicago peeps feel the rhythm in their bones and once they catch that house music spirit, basically anything goes. Acid house, techno, soulful, classics, it’s on.

Can you explain the “Wildpitch” sound?
Wildpitch was my way of bringing some bang to the New York more soulful scene.  So, I constructed the sound to be able to move within that structure, but by layering sounds, it could slowly build into something unexpected.

You’re re-releasing “Higher,” a track that came out on Morehouse last year, but this time with a set of new remixes. Why now?
I truly felt the original release “Higher” got missed by many. The message is so important, so very powerful, and so much needed in this world today that I felt it important to re-release it with new remixes.

What triggers the idea to remix something? Does somebody approach you to do a remix, or do you simply decide when something comes along? Or is it a mix of both?
Mostly I’m approached, but sometimes if I hear something that I just feel so connected to that I just need to get my hands on, I will ask my people to sort me out a remix.

What’s up next?
Phuture World Eclipse. We are in the studio now wrapping up the album.

Get your hands on the new remixes! Buy here, preview below: