Daybreaker Launches Daybreaker Adventures

I just received an entriguing email from early morning dance movement Daybreaker, subject line: “Our First Ever Daybreaker Travel Adventure to CUBA!”

I’m already aware of their existing events and the upcoming one in my city, which leaves me wondering what this means. A new party in Cuba? Is their team going on a trop to Cuba? Turns out, not exactly either.

“After 5 years and dreams of deeper magic and mischief across the world, we are launching Daybreaker Adventures, our FIRST 4-day travel series connecting us from across the world — in CUBA.”

Sounds cool. So on Friday, July 19 through Monday, July 22, the Daybreaker team, their top MCs, DJs, and talent will meet up for a four-day excursion to Havana, Cuba.

Learn more here!