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Top 100 DJ and Hardwell collaborator Dannic was just in town at The Grand Boston, and you bet we jumped on the opportunity for an interview. Read on to find out what he orders at In-N-Out, how he landed a collab with Inna, a bit about his exclusive signing with Spinnin’, and more.

Today’s your birthday — any special plans?
I’m gonna play tonight and we’re gonna party tonight.

And you just came from California… we saw you were at In-N-Out.
Yeah, I love it.

What’d you get?
Of course the Animal Fries.

Coming over here must’ve been a huge temperature change.
This is literally a big shock for me. I’m from the Netherlands, so I’m used to cold temperatures, but it’s pretty cold here.

Is there a In-N- Out equivalence there?
Actually, no. I never do fast food but if I’m in California or Vegas, I kind of have to.

Can’t argue with that. Let’s get to business — you now have an exclusive signing with Spinnin’ Records.
Yeah, that’s super cool. I’m really happy with that. Basically it means I can still release on my own label and Revealed, but I’m really happy signing with them. I just want my music to be published to a wider audience  and I think Spinnin’ is next level; one of the biggest record labels in the world and I’m super blessed to be part of it.

Does being with Spinnin’ mean you’re going to change anything you do, music-wise?
Not really. I think the new one I did with Fedde Le Grand is a perfect example. I want to do more commercial vocal house stuff that’s still house. I did a collab with Inna. She’s really popular in Europe and all over the world, actually. I produced something different for her because she wanted some direction, but it’s still my sound, the groovy stuff I love. It’s really interesting and I have a disco track coming up on Spinnin’ which is cool as well. Right now in the studio is all about having fun. I’m still trying out new things but I’m sticking to the sound I love.

We love Inna, and have been anticipating more collabs with her and artists like yourself. How’d you link up with her?
It’s a funny story. I played a big festival in Romania, and I was sitting in an interview like right now, and they asked if I knew any Romanian singers and I said, “Yeah of course, Inna.” And they asked if I’d collab with her and I said, “Yeah for sure, let’s do it.” I just looked at the camera and was like, “Inna if you’re looking…” and the next week I got an email from her management to make it happen.

When can we hear this?
Probably the beginning of next year.

And how about that recent collab with Fedde? How’d that get started?
That’s a big dream come true for me. He’s one of my idols and the main reason I started liking that groovy sound. He’s just a big mentor for me as well. For five years we always had plans to go to the studio together and it didn’t work out somehow, but now I had the opportunity to do something with the amazing vocalist Coco Star and was like, “This is the perfect track for us.” We went into the studio and nailed it in one day. It was crazy. I hope we can do another collaboration soon.



It must be easier the second time around, no?
If the chemistry and energy is good in the room, that’s how you make the perfect collaborations.

So you two worked together in the same room, no remote back-and-forth.
Yeah. It’s so funny his studio is like five minutes away from my studio in Breda.

Jumping back to label, Fonk Recordings, for a second… you just had a sold-out party at ADE.
That was really dope. It’s just really cool to have all those talents in one room and I’m really happy with where the label’s heading; some amazing new talents just signed. There’s a whole process going on in the background, me helping those guys as well and just getting them to the next level and aiming for that groovy sound. The club sound is never gonna die.



Anything else coming up?
Lots of music. I’m gonna release every month from now on and there are three or four new tracks coming up on Spinnin’. They have such a big catalogue. I started DJ’ing like 14 years ago and can make 2018 remixes of those tracks I heard; I can make a Dannic version. Also coming up is a special club track called No Dip. I’ll play it tonight as well, it just really goes off. Collaboration with Inna, disco track, and a collab with Teamworx.