Opening the main stage on day one of a festival’s return after the pandemic isn’t just any ol’ set — we caught up with Detroit’s ADMN after he did just that at Movement 2022.

You just opened the main stage on the first day of the festival — kicking off a return after two years.
■ I don’t know what to say about that. I was asked to play in 2020, opening the main stage, then the pandemic hit. I didn’t know for sure [I’d be asked again] and I don’t take this stuff for granted so it made me really happy when they asked me to play and I found out my time slot. I’m on cloud 9 right now.

So you were asked to play in 2020, then the festival was canceled. Did you feel a lot of pressure to stay relevant so you’d be asked back when it returned?
■ I think it was less about staying relevant than it was to stay motivated.

Did you have anything particular in mind when preparing today’s set?
■ I wanted to sprinkle a bunch of new content in with my own and my label’s content, and anything I thought was hot. I kind of eased into it and I got to it pretty quick. 

Photo by Ashley Teff Teffer

You’re from Detroit. When did you start getting into the scene here?
■ I’ve been coming to this festival since I was 15. I’ve been to every single one and haven’t missed one yet.

What would you say is the biggest difference you’ve seen between when you started coming and now?
■ Seeing all the different renditions of how everything was presented. The production is a tenfold better and for the cost and value of what you get, they do a great job.

Is this festival what got you into music or were you into it before?
■ My mom started me on piano when I was five, then I did trumpet, marching band, bass guitar, and rock bands for years. Then I segwayed into techno like 12 years ago in 2010 when I made the full flip and I’ve been hammering away since.

What are some highlights of your music career so far?
■ This is definitely it, super up there. Another highlight is the launch of my label, Infolines. I have a selection of people I love dearly and I like the direction we’re going. Working with Oliver Dollar has been a treat.

What’s coming up?
■ We have the next record coming in the next six months or however long it takes us to press vinyl.

What do you look for in a label submission?
■ Banger techno. If it’s got what we call “the thing,” that’s what we want.

What inspired the label?
■ An outlet for me and my friends to put out our own music in a manner that we think is right.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?
■ All my local homies, my TV [Lounge] fam. My partner Francois Dillinger is closing the Detroit stage tomorrow night with a live set — he’s one of the most motivated, awesome humans I know.

Closing question — being a Detroit local, what do you suggest people do while they’re here?
■ I know a guy with a taco shop called Dos Locos Tacos. The Detroit I Love is a website and they put a great guide together — I highly recommend checking that out.

Photo by @maxdashevsky

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