5 Reasons To Attend Trance Unity Rave 2020

The sixth edition of the Trance Unity Rave in Montreal is coming up at Circus Afterhours on March 7th, and there’s more to it than a stacked lineup. Read on for five reasons why you should attend this year.

1. 13 Hours of Non Stop Trance

Yes, that’s right. From 10pm to 11am, the all-trance event dedicated to this unique branch of electronic music features three rooms with a different sound in each. Heaven room being the more melodic euphoric uplifting trance, Hell room the darker, techie, more edgy room, and Earth the classics room.

2. A 90s Rave Experience

When asked about the goal for the attendee experience, Talent Buyer & Operations Manager Ramy Bargz says, “Simple. Experience a rave like in the 90s. It’s a different experience than anywhere else. It’s dark, it’s sweaty, there are no big productions, just a good ol’ 90s rave. We don’t record any of the sets and we do not allow any pictures or videos on the dance floor. This also allows the DJs to be free in what they want to play and can play all their secret unreleased gems without having to worry if a video would be leaked. It’s really very rare to have the same experience anywhere else.”

3. The Venue

I was instantly impressed upon my first-ever visit to Circus Afterhours. It’s easy to find, the interior is clean, and the sound is great. Food (sandwiches, fruits, granola bars, protein bars) and earplugs will be sold at the Circus store. Lockers will also be available to rent.

4. The City

Montreal is my personal favorite city in the world, and I highly suggest staying in the city centre and making a weekend of it! There’s phenomenal food everywhere, the people are wonderful, and the nightlife scene is ridiculous. During the daytime, there are museums, markets, Chinatown, the beautiful Old Port, and so much more to explore.

5. Good People Behind It

“I do it because I love it,” said Bargz. “A lot of people are surprised when I say this, but this is a hobby for me.” Read his full interview here.