A message from TRAKTOR — here’s the full text of what team member Friedemann Becker shared in the NI forums:

“We’ve been rather silent lately, but behind the scenes we only had one thought: “How can we deliver value to as many of our loyal users as possible?”

The answer has been easy: besides fixing more bugs, delivering much requested compatibility to our legacy controllers for TDJ2 users [editor’s update: this was actually delivered in a September 10th update to the software], we have to support macOS Catalina from day one, and we want to make sure that everybody using iTunes for managing their music can seamlessly continue to do so on their respective operating system – not a trivial topic, and one that required plenty of attention.

We intend to kick off a public beta of TRAKTOR PRO 3.3 in a few days, and everybody’s welcome to help us iron out any final undiscovered issues both on the current operating systems and (for whoever’s brave enough) on the current beta of Catalina.

We’re also due to release an interesting new piece of hardware later this year, as has already been hinted at in our press statement quoted by some of the tech blogs. Some test-units are being sent out to external testers this week – so we’re almost done on this front too.

That’s all I can say today, because I only want to share things that are basically ready for release. We have more cooking behind the scenes and most importantly: after the reorganization this summer, we have reached a good team velocity which enables us to deliver updates more frequently.

So stay tuned for even more news later this year, but also don’t overestimate our capabilities. Besides TRAKTOR PRO 3 we are also working on longer-term projects. So bear with us.”

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