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elrow NYC

After watching elrow and what they’ve been doing for quite some time, I was ecstatic to be invited to The Enchanted Forest at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NY this past February. I’ve seen elrow ads and scrolled through their website and socials, but have never been totally sure how to describe it or known what exactly to expect — it just looks like there’s so much going on.

I did know it’s a family-run business, entertaining since 1870. That said, I never doubted they knew what they were doing.

So, I hopped on a bus and headed to Brooklyn for the weekend. I arrived promptly at 7pm when doors opened to meet Magnum PR publicist Filip. I had been to this venue only once prior and was incredibly impressed with the organization and ease of entering from the gates to the Mirage, or roof space. This time, for elrow, was quite different with a whole lot going on upon entry like security, coat check, and connecting wristbands to credit cards. Totally seamless from the moment I stepped inside. Once my coat was checked, I headed into the main room, as the second room wasn’t opening until later.

I personally enjoy arriving to things like this early before the masses so I can look around and appreciate the production setup and decor. The stage alone blew me away, nevermind all the decor in the ceiling and around the room. There was also a super interactive Absolut photo booth, which I loved.

As expected, a blend of house and techno was played. The openers built up energy and the room filled quite quickly — I’d say it felt full by 8 or 8:30pm. Shortly after that, things started happening… confetti, streamers, roaming characters. There was so much to look at, any given moment. I was finally experiencing the hype I was seeing online. Stilted performers were coordinated as they entered the floor and spread out among dancing bodies. There were costumes everywhere, something making it hard to determine attendees from event staff.

A few hours later, the second room opened and I made my way in. This space was smaller and darker than the main room, had a circus tent feel to it with a disco ball at the peak. It was definitely a bit more intimate, but with the main room shoulder-to-shoulder, each felt as packed as the other. I was definitely into it, and was able to roam between rooms easily when it was time to switch up vibes.

The photos above are all theirs, to demonstrate the quality and level of production I saw. You can also view an elrow story highlight on the @liveinside___ Instagram, featuring my own experience. Did I mention how nice all the other partygoers were?

They’re doing shows and festivals all over though, so there’s a high chance of catching one anywhere. I know I’ll be back — 10/10 stoked for it.