If you’re familiar with Hungry Music, you know one of the label’s founders, N’to. Drawing inspo from 70’s rock, 30’s swing, hip hop, trip hop, pop, jazz, soul, and classical music, he’s able to create distinctive sounds suitable for both listening and the dace floor. His remix of Joachim Pastor’s “Taïga” is actually one of my current favorites! I caught a brief chat with him after his Igloofest set (and picked up some suggestions of where to go in France).

You just finished playing. Was it cold? Have you been to Montreal before?
Yeah. Of course. We’ve been here something like five or six times and that’s one of the biggest parties we’ve done in Montreal. Oshega was great and this time [at Igloofest] was really special because it was frozen and really fantastic and the whole Hungry Music crew is here.

That’s amazing to have the whole group here. And you’re from France; I’ve never been. What would you suggest a first-timer do there?
Go to Paris for the first time. I think the best place to me in France is the south because the weather is really fine and it’s never raining and there a lot of things to do in the south.

Are you from the south?
Yes, Marseille.

I know you were worried about your English tonight, but it’s pretty good to me.
It’s not.

No, really. But you probably have to think about everything before you say it…

When did you start learning?
At school. It’s a shame because my mother was an English teacher and my wife is an English teacher.

Do they make fun of you all the time?
Of course.

You’ll get there. Where are you off to next?
We’re here until Monday, then back to France and I play in the south at Kolorz Festival on Friday and then we’re going to a new club called Terminal 7 in Paris. It’s gonna be cool. We’re also happy to be here, the whole Hungry crew. It’s always a pleasure to play in Montreal. I don’t know how to say it but tonight was really great, and the crowd, despite the frozen weather, was great.