Chus + Ceballos

Hailing worldwide from Spain, DJ/Producer duo Chus + Ceballos lay down solid performances, one after another, at events of all sizes. They’re one of those acts you can see over and over again and still leave wanting more. (Did we mention they’re also the owners of Stereo Productions?) We caught up with the guys after their set at Royale Boston by GeorgeBrazill on Thanksgiving Eve – which they deem a tradition – and got the scoop on their first-ever Cuba gig and upcoming BPM showcase.

It’s great to be here with you guys. How’s it going?
We just finished our set and it was amazing.

We’ve seen you in Boston quite a few times, at Bijou and Royale.
Bijou is more intimate; [Royale] is more of a big room. We’ve been doing this [Thanksgiving Eve] party many years now so for us, it’s a classic Thanksgiving Eve.

It’s always on the calendar for us. What’s up next?
We’re going to do New York. For us, it’s a classic to do Thanksgiving Eve in Boston and Thanksgiving night in New York. Tomorrow we’re at Cielo and Output Saturday.

And you just played in Cuba for the first time.
It was amazing. You get butterflies in your stomach when you play the first time in a new place. We’re very close to music at the roots of Cuba, so it was like a tribute to Cuba. We made it a free party – we played for free for the crowd and the space was a museum. The government actually supported the party. It was an amazing experience. It’s too bad it’s difficult for you Americans to get to Buba. The people are, like, wow.

Did you get to do anything else while there?
We hung out with the people and see all the classic places. We want to take some time off and do the tourism.

You also just announced your spot on the BPM lineup.
Yes, we’re very excited. This year is the 10th anniversary and we’ve been playing BPM since year one, so for us, it’s very special to celebrate the anniversary all together. I’m excited for our showcase again that we’re gonna play at Wah Wah; for us, that’s one of the best clubs. The lineup is amazing – Chus + Ceballos, Technasia, Supernova, Rafa Barrios, Dennis Cruz – so many talents.

Anything else big you guys have coming up?
We just released a new track called “The Prophet” along with Supernova this week, and have been getting lots of support from Pete Tong and all the main DJs. We’re working on a few more releases for the first of the year so stay tuned.