Oliver Dollar

While in Detroit, we caught up with Berlin-born and based producer Oliver Dollar. You may recognize his releases on labels like Play It Down, Rekids, and Front Room Recordings, or remixes among Polydor and Ministry of Sound.

It seemed like Oliver had been doing interviews all day, so we kept it short and casual, learning things like where he would bring someone in Berlin and his current headphones of choice.


Oliver at Movement Detroit 2015

Describe your sound with three words.
House, house, house.

Who gave you your first chance playing out? What kind of music did you play?
I think it was 15 or 17 years ago at a youth club where I played the first records I bought. A bit of trance, a bit of techno. Cool shit. I was probably 12.


That’s pretty young. What was your first live electronic music experience?
I was pretty fascinated by the vibes in Berlin. My cousin got me into it. He sold me my first compressor and synthesizer. He was making records, and I thought it was cool and wanted to get into it.

At what point did you realize this would be your career?
The first paid shows. It really worked out.

What’s been the most memorable show?
Panorama Bar [in Berlin] when I started my residency there nine years ago.

panorama bar

Berghain/Panorama Bar

From your experiences being here in the US, what’s the biggest difference between the scene here and in Berlin?
The crowd is similar but in the States, you’re so restricted with rules and the party stops so early.  The parties are definitely longer in Berlin… sometimes 28 hours.

How would you describe Berlin to someone who’s never been? Where would you bring someone in Berlin?
It’s crazy. You can go raving Monday-Sunday, 24/7. At some point you realize you have work to get done. I’d take someone sightseeing, to check out the club culture, and maybe go outside of Berlin to Potsdam, which is very beautiful and cool to see.

What’s the hardest part about traveling?
The travel itself.

You’re still pressing records. How often do you play vinyl live? Which headphones do you use?
In Berlin I always have some vinyls with me. When I’m traveling internationally, no; I’ve lost three crates. At the moment, I’m using V-Moda and Pioneer headphones.

Do you have your eye on any upcoming producers?
I find people in the club and hear them play, then check out their productions.