Sander van Doorn

Things we wanted to know about Sander van Doorn: which headphones he uses, software and hardware of choice, and where he would take us in the Netherlands. Now we know! Check our interview for those answers, among others.

Describe your sound with three words.
Diverse, energetic, rhythmic.

Where was your first chance playing out?
When I was starting out, I used to be at The Gallery in London a lot. They helped me greatly by providing a platform for me to showcase my musical vision and it really worked out. But my actual first booking was in Switzerland.


Can you recall the point in time you realized this was going to be your career?
It was a rather unexpected but very crucial point in my career. I was already producing music for quite a while until the moment came that someone asked me if I would be willing to actually get it out in the open. From that moment I decided to become a DJ/producer full-time and make this my career.

What equipment/software do you use to make tracks?
Logic Pro X software combined with Virus TI2 hardware. Softsynths, spire, and Massive is a part of the studio.


Do you plan to make any more production tutorials?
I feel really strongly that we should encourage young artists to create music, and production tutorials could be a great way of working towards this. Actually, we’ve been working on this already. We just recorded a tutorial in which we examine my new track. It’s going to be awesome.

What does your live setup consist of?
My technical rider consists out of four CDJ 2000 Nexus and one DJM900 NXS, and also a spare CDJ2000 Nexus and a spare DJM900 NXS just in case something goes wrong.

Mac or PC?
Mac all the way!

What gear do you travel with? What do you always bring to a gig?
While traveling, I always bring my MacBook to produce music and to prepare my sets. I also bring my noise-canceling headphones so I can get quality sound on the airplane, for example. To a gig, I always bring my headphones, SD cards, and obviously my tour manager.

Which headphones do you use to DJ? What about for in the studio?
I use Pioneer HDJ2000 to DJ, and usually as well for production. But when I’m in the studio, I just play the music on the sound system.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Who inspires you to do what you do?
It’s difficult to say really because it comes from so many different places. I can listen to Radiohead or the Cure and I can get some great new ideas from them. But those are not even dance-related bands. In the dance scene, I get some really great inspiration from The Prodigy and Moby. It can basically come from anywhere these days. For example, I once heard a homeless person on the street singing, and it inspired me to create a sample I now use sometimes. (The homeless man was singing the words “get enough.”) This is what makes music so diverse and interesting for me, you know?

Tacos, burritos, or enchiladas?

Out of all genres, which albums are on your ‘go-to’ list that you can listen to at any time?
It’s hard to single out one particular album. I’m a huge fan of Sigur Ross, a post-rockband from Iceland.

You were recently at DJ Magazine‘s headquarters. What was it like?
It was really awesome. We had a really great time when we were over there and I played a fun set that was broadcasted from their studio. Overall it was just a good vibe, it was Friday afternoon and while enjoying some beers, we welcomed the weekend.

How does your track selection differ between that of your Identity radio show and that of a live DJ performance?
When I play live, I’m there with the crowd and you experience what works and what doesn’t. I might be playing tracks that I never expected to be playing during a gig. With my Identity radio show, I select new tracks; it’s also a platform me to showcase upcoming talent. That’s not really as interactive as it is during a gig, but I do really like both.

Let’s say you had to play the role of tour guide back in the Netherlands, in your hometown, for a day. Where would you take someone?
They’d have to come during the Dutch Carnival; the southern provinces in the Netherlands go really crazy during those days. It’s really something special and I would love to show some people around.