In anticipation of his show this Thursday in Boston, we caught up with Apashe over the weekend to get more familiar with the guy you’ve been listening to, following, and waiting to see live. Read on to find out what he was doing before jumping into a full-time music career, how he selects tracks for a live set, and who’s been influential.

Do you remember the point in time you realized this was turning into your career?
About six months ago. I was working full time as a sound designer at Appolo Studios in Montreal, but I was beginning to leave a lot for shows and missing a lot of days work. That’s when I decided I should take my music more seriously, quit my job, and concentrate on touring and music.

You can hear zombie movies, comic books, horror stories, and all sorts of awesome, cinematic sounds in your work. Is this derived from any particular influence?
I’ve always loved classical music, so my cinematic orchestral sounds are basically from that influence. I love when music sounds like epic movie trailers. Other than that, my influences are very wide-spread, from Aphex Twin, to Missy Elliot, to Noisia.

What are your favorite stories (movies, comics, plays, etc.), and do those specifically affect your tracks?
I love supernatural and afterlife stories. I recently watched “I Origins” and that movie was just too insane. I don’t think my music is a direct interpretation of that, but my tracks definitely have a mystical and spiritual feel to them.

How do you select tracks for a live set?
I always try to change it up according to the audience, but I usually begin with something unreleased, then I go more hip hop and trap, and sometimes I feel Belgium and play a bit of hardstyle at the end. But people get scared so I need to calm down sometimes. I definitely like to have fun with my sets and change up genres. I go all over the place and play pretty much all kinds of bass music from 90-180 BPM.

Do you have your eye on any upcoming DJ/producers?
Yeah, I really love Matstubs, Tha Trickaz, To Die For, and ICHI. You definitely need to check them out if you don’t know them.

Who gave you your first chance playing out? What was the occasion?
It was maybe seven years ago in Antwerp, Belgium at an early dubstep event. It wasn’t dusbtep as we know it today; it was way more relaxed.


What’s your live setup?
I use Ableton Live and the APC 40.

Goals for the rest of the year?
I always have too many plans, but by 2016, I want to do as many shows as possible around the world. I want to make an album, do another video clip, and collab with other artists. We shall see where life brings me.

That said… BOSTON, are you ready? Remember, he said he plays pretty much all kinds of bass music from 90-180 BPM. You were warned.

Catch Apashe at The Middle East Downstairs this Thursday, May 7, along with Wubson, Ghast,, and Dan Couture.
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