Since they started producing their own music in April 2011, Candyland‘s work has topped a spectrum of charts, from dubstep and electro to drum and bass and glitch hop. We got to sit down with Josie and Ethan when they stopped at House Of Blues Boston with Krewella’s Get Wet Live tour. Read the interview to find out what they’d be doing if it weren’t for music, and something memorable a fan once did on stage.

Describe your sound using three words.
Josie: Weird bass music.
►Ethan: Fun, energetic, gnarly.

You started producing originals in April 2011. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
Josie: Probably this tour, but I’d say everything is an accomplishment.
►Ethan: Yeah, every song.

What’s your favorite part about performing?
Josie: I like seeing people getting excited for our songs and I like raging with the crowd.
►Ethan: The energy. Just knowing people are into what we make. People go crazy to our music which is super cool for us.
►Josie: I like pinpointing a few people in the crowd – the ones who do know who we are – and going extra hard for them.

What’s something crazy a fan has done during one of your sets?
Josie: The swan dive.
►Ethan: We were playing in North Carolina and this girl came up on the stage and did a trust fall into the crowd.
►Josie: She thought everyone would catch her…
►Ethan: … there was only one girl under her.
►Josie: We had to stop the music to ask if she was okay.
►Ethan: She was not okay.
►Josie: She had blown Ethan a kiss and then just fell. But it was kind of graceful.

We’ve seen your music listed on charts for multiple genres – dubstep, electro house, drum and bass, glitch hop, trap – which genre did you start out with?
Josie: We started out with complextro.
►Ethan: And dubstep.
►Josie: Dubstep took over. The Skrillex-style dubstep became big and we started to focus on that, then we started trying  other sounds.
►Ethan: Now we’re just trying to do something different…
►Josie: … we’re trying to make more songs instead of club hits.

Are there any genres you haven’t played around with yet, but want to?
Josie: I’m starting to get into the Disclosure, deep house stuff. It’s kind of hard to just play because it’s definitely not something we would just drop.

Something we’ve noticed working as a duo is how we each have our own strengths. How is it for you two?
Ethan: [Josie] DJs, I produce.

Do you take on each other’s roles?
Ethan: Yeah, we dabble. We’re both capable of doing the other thing, but we usually stick to what we’re best at.

Can you recall the moment you realized this would be your career?
Josie: When we signed to AM Only and started getting a lot of shows. When I was flying more than I was home, that’s when I realized it would be a full-time thing.

Who gave you your first chance playing out?
Josie: Our friends from home who were the only ones who believed in us at the time. There’s this place called IV in Santa Barbara and pretty much every local DJ wants to do something there; you can only have a party or throw a show if you know someone. We didn’t really know anyone and these guys set something up for us and that was our first show.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
Josie: Something artsy, maybe like graphic design, or I’d be trying to be a history teacher. I’m obsessed with history.
►Ethan: Probably studying business and depressed working a nine-to-five.

Do you have your eye on any upcoming producers?
Josie: Definitely the three people on our label [Sweet Shop Records]: Kayzo, Revoke, and 28 Mansions.

What do you listen to in your own time?
Josie: Hardcore.

What’d your biggest piece of advice for an aspiring DJ/producer?
Josie: Keep making unique things and don’t care what anyone else says about you.
►Ethan: Make something you’re proud of. Don’t make things you think other people will like; make what you like.